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Who doesn’t love a spa day?  It feels great to be pampered, to relax and unwind.  But sometimes we want results without taking time out of our busy schedules. Many people have asked me if you can be active while wearing the It Works! wrap, or if it would be counter-productive to getting great results.  I can confidently say that if you are like me and you just don’t have time to sit around for 45 minutes…the good news is that you can engage in some moderate activity – like running errands or shopping – all while wearing the wrap.  This is just another great reason to love the It Works! Body Applicator – you can get the results, without interrupting your daily activities!  Just be cautious not to sweat while wearing the wrap, as this would inhibit the ingredients from being fully absorbed.  But you could certainly do some light grocery shopping, watch the kid’s football game, take the dog for a walk, or finish the dishes.


what wraps can do for you< It truly is easy to multi-task  when wearing the wraps.  Because the small package size easily fits in your purse, you can take it anywhere – e ven applying it while you are out and about at a public bathroom.  After you have covered yourself back up with your clothes, no one will even notice that you are wearing it, nor does it impede your movemen t.  Furthermore, it can be left on as long as you wish.  The minimum time frame required is 45 minutes in order for 90% of the ingredients to be absorbed, but I have had clients sleep in the wrap for hours!   The body wraps are so simple to use.  Just place it wherever you want to see results, with the lotion side down.  This method can be used on almost every part of the body, but especially on thighs, stomach, or back when wearing normal clothing; on arms under a long-sleeved shirt or light jacket.  This site-specific wrap measures 21.5″ x 11″, and can be trimmed for use on smaller areas of the body.  (i.e. the backs of your arms or on the “love handles”).  Because the wraps are already prepared and ready to use, you don’t need a mudroom like you would at a spa. Any room that is private, like a bedroom or a bathroom, is suitable for this non-messy application.


One thing that I really like is that you do not need a professional or anyone else to help you through this process.  All it requires is three simple steps: remove the wrap from the packaging, place it on the area of your choosing, then wait 45 minutes for the wrap to process.  Results are noticeable in as little as 45 minutes, with progressive results over 72 hours, and customers can safely wrap every three days.  To achieve their desired goals, most people order two boxes of wraps (eight wraps) to complete a full month of cleansing – this often yields dramatic results!


The wrap conveniently applies in a matter of minutes.  There is no mess and no guess as to how much of the solution you need to apply since it comes pre-treated. When the application is done and you have taken off the wrap, please thoroughly rub in the ingredients.  Do not wash it off.  As you rub the solution in a circular motion, you may see the wrap ingredients start to turn white – massage this area well, until everything is fully absorbed into the skin and it cannot be seen anymore. With safe and natural product ingredients, I have never had anyone complain of staining or discoloration on their clothes, although I would always recommend washing your clothes after you wear a wrap.


The beauty of these wraps is that they are both so easy to use and so effective in the results they offer.  In my four years of experience, I have heard how using this product has changed not just body appearance, but people’s lives!  These are the types of results people spend hours at the gym trying to achieve, but only feel like they have wasted time and money.  I am not discounting the benefits of eating right and having an exercise regimen.  Those are essential components to living a healthy lifestyle.  But imagine having the perfect jump start to your health goals in a matter of minutes!  Wouldn’t that be motivating to start making better decisions that would encourage those healthy habits?  For most people, this product is a game changer.


The Ultimate Body Applicator is available in a box of four wraps for $99, with nearly half off pricing available for It Works! Loyal Customers.  If you would like the discounted pricing of $59 for a box of wraps, simply indicate that you would like to become a Loyal Customer during your checkout at www.iwantwraps.com.  Are you interested in learning more about the It Works! products, or would you like to join the It Works! team?  Visit www.thewrapcoach.com to learn more!



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