First of all, WELCOME! We’re so excited to have you with us! You’ll find my team of Wrap Girls to be exceptionally helpful as you share that Crazy Wrap Thing with all your friends and family. I’m thrilled that you are looking through the training page — that means you are taking your It Works! business seriously. My best piece of advice — DO NOT WAIT for your kit to come before you begin working. Call your friends immediately and get some parties on the calendar. Shoot for 4 parties. Remember, you have 30 days to hit your first goal of 4 loyal customers in order to get free product!

Watch Me Work It

work with friends with It Works! Global

I’m a visual person. And I’ve found that many other people learn best that way as well. One of the first things I recommend is going to my personal YouTube channel. In these videos, I will walk you through the products, show you some how-to videos, and provide you with support and encouragement throughout your It Works! journey.

Connect With Me

I’m available via phone, text, email, Facebook, Google hang-out…or a nice chat over coffee! One of my absolute favorite things to do is meet up with my teammates and strategize ways to promote to the next level. I believe YOU DESERVE a pay raise, so let’s keep in touch and make sure you are making the most out of your business.

Partner With My Leaders

I often like to pair people up with myself and at least one other leader. This ensures a STRONG support system and that you will always have someone available for brainstorming. Plus, it’s nice to have more than one person to get ideas and tips from. Get ready to meet some teammates you will quickly call friends!

Use Your E-Suite

Don’t forget you have lots of tools in your virtual office, also known as your esuite. To access this, just go to your website and login in the upper right hand corner with your ID and password. Check out the Training Academy for more great videos on how to get started. Also, It Works! Global provides all it’s distributors with the world’s largest online leadership library called, “Success On Demand”. You’ll be able to watch videos and read articles from world re-known leaders like John Maxwell and Steven Covey. With resources like these, you’ll always be growing!

Join Our Facebook Group

It Works! Global #friendshipFUNfreedom

We have an private team page on Facebook that I’d love to invite you to join. You’ll meet tons of other friendly, It Works distributors who will share ideas on what’s working, answer any questions you may have, and celebrate your achievements along the way! This exclusive group is privy to a myriad of my personal business notes, so you can learn multiple ways to make money right out of the gate! I’ve been in the business since 2009 and have taken detailed notes that will ensure your success at expos, wrap parties, individual appointments and more!

Listen to Weekly Calls

Each week we have a corporate team calls for you to plug into! Pick which one works best for your schedule. During these calls you’ll learn from Marketing Director, Pam Sowder and top leaders in the It Works! Wrap Biz. Learn what they’re doing and make it your own! Don’t miss out on these motivating calls. It will bring your business to a whole notha level. Join us every Sunday @ 10pm ET, Monday @ 9pm ET, and Tuesday @ 9pm ET. These calls are also recorded and you can listen to them at your leisure by visiting the corporate calendar. Click on the “Sunday Corporate Call”, Monday’s “Show Me the Money” or Tuesday’s “Freedom and a Fresh Start” to hear the latest news.

US Distributors: Primary Number (832) 225-5825, Access Code 489675# or Secondary Number (712) 432-7580 Access Code 489675#

International Distributors: Call Your Local Number! Visit for local dial in numbers for US, Canada, Australia, and UK

Share My Recorded Links

One of the major ways you will grow your It Works! business is by recruiting new people to join your team. I make this super easy for you! I am constantly doing Wrap Star interviews, where I highlight a teammate. All you need to do is share the recording with people who can relate to their stories, provide your website for them to sign up, and then FOLLOW-UP! That’s it! That’s one of the many ways you can grow your team. And who knows….maybe someday I’ll be interviewing YOU!

Attend Team Meetings

It Works! Corporate EventsDid you know that our corporate team has on-going trainings all over the globe! This makes long-distance training a cinch! You now have the UNIQUE opportunity to learn from ME (one of the TOP leaders in the company) AND connect with a local team right in your area! Please check the corporate calendar to find the next meeting closest to you.

Go to Corporate Events

Our company holds several special events throughout the year to get you excited about your business. Green Carpet Days are where you can invite your family and friends to visit corporate headquarters in Florida. If you promoted the month before, our CEO, Mark Pentecost will “pin” you for your achievement. We also have Boot Camps which are regional gatherings — they are sort of like a mini conference. Typically there are tons of bonuses, incentives and announcements made at these events. If you are Diamond or above, you’ll be invited to attend an exclusive leadership session right before the Boot Camps. We also have Dash to the Destination in October for top money earners in the company. This is an all-expense paid trip where you’ll have a weekend of pampering and leadership training (trust me — it’s fun!). And finally, there’s conference. Do whatever you can to GET THERE…..from my experience, the people who go typically promote a couple levels within MONTHS of attending. It’s a game-changer.

Learn the Compensation Plan

There are soooo many ways to earn money with It Works! You have the ability to earn wrap cash, residual income and several built-in bonuses. Make it a top priority to KNOW the compensation plan and give yourself a pay raise! If you have any specific questions after reading this document, feel free to call me at 1.888.509.WRAP.

Open publication | Users without Flash,Download Compensation Plan (PDF 2.6MB-large file)

Know Your Goals

Do yourself a favor and answer these 3 simple questions. 1.) What do you want out of this? 2.) Why do you feel that is important? 3.) What is going to stop you? Now, write down your thoughts and call me immediately (1.888.509.WRAP)! As your personal Wrap Coach, I’ll tell you the EXACT steps needed to achieve your goals. Also, please specify how much per month you will have to make with It Works! in order to see this dream come true. That will help us pinpoint the level you will need to be in the company. I LOVE goal-setting and seeing people’s lives change! Let’s DO this!

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