The Wrap Coach Discusses At Home Body Wraps vs. Spa Body Wraps

Katie Dykstra, The Wrap Coach, is an expert with all things body wrap.  The It Works! body wraps work in 45 minutes, use naturally-based botanical ingredients, and are less expensive than going to the spa.  In this video she talks more about these amazing at-home body wraps.


Matthew O’Brien:  Welcome to our first segment of “The Wrap Coach.” We’re here with Katie Dykstra, who goes by the handle “The Wrap Coach.” She is an expert with all things body wrap. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about going to a spa, versus an at-home body wrap. This is something that I’ve never heard of. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on spas, and is it just water you’re losing, or is this something that is good for you? Let’s get down to the brass tacks here.


We have one of the leading experts. Katie, if you could just introduce yourself. And tell us a little about your company. Then I’d like to get down to some questions that I think our viewers would like to hear more about.


Katie Dykstra:  Sure, Matt. My name is Katie Dykstra. I’m a Presidential Diamond with It Works Global. I’ve been with the company for about four years now, and I’ve really had a lot of great experience, a lot of great results from my customers who’ve tried the body wraps. I’m excited to talk to you today about how this is different than a spa treatment.


Matthew:  It seems like body wraps, there are a lot of variables, just talking to you a little bit. Are these safe? I know when you go into a spa you could be treated with mud getting wrapped and you always have this expert with you. How could an at home body wrap be safe, versus going to a spa where there’s experts trained in this?


Katie:  Absolutely, that’s a great question. The thing that we have going for us with this wrap is that the ingredients in there are all natural. They’re botanical ingredients. They are safe, chemical free. You really won’t have any kind of discrepancy there with the ingredients working against you. It’s actually going to be good nutrition for your skin and it’s going to help hydrate and firm the skin.


Matthew:  Is this something that you need to do your entire body? Let’s say you have cellulite on your legs or bat wings on your arms, as I’ve heard the term. Can you just apply one area at a time, or do you have to do the full body?


Katie:  You can actually do one area at a time, and that’s where our wrap is very site specific. That’s what you want. You want it to concentrate fully on one area at a time until it continues to get to the results that you desire. Yes, the body wraps that we have are much different than a spa wrap–where it’s going to wrap your whole entire body, and be very uncomfortable. You’re going to be sweating.


The It Works wrap is not like that at all. It’s site specific, so that we’re really focusing on that one area at a time, and it’s going to be a lot more relaxing for you.


Matthew:  Do you sweat with this? I heard that body wraps, going to spas are a lot of just losing water weight and within a couple days you’re kind of back to where you were.


Katie:  No, actually, you really don’t want to be sweating with this. We want your pores to be clean and free from any kind of sweat, because we really want your skin to absorb fully the botanical ingredients that are in the wrap. That’s where you’re going to get the best results. We say that the best time to put it on is after a nice hot shower. After you’ve patted yourself dry, and then you’re going to apply the wrap, leave it on for about 45 minutes at a minimum. I do have clients that like to sleep in them and see if they get any more results. But really, 90 percent of the product is absorbed in that amount of time, so there’s no need to keep it on any longer than that.


Then afterward, you take it off, it’s going to continue to work in your system for the next 3 days even though you’ve taken the wrap off.


Matthew:  What’s going on? Are these chemicals that I should be concerned about? Or is this something, if I’m into holistic type of approach, would this be a candidate for me?


Katie:  No, again, you’re not going to have any issues working with your medication or anything like that. It’s totally and completely composed of botanical ingredients, so you’re going to be completely fine there.


Matthew:  Very cool. I was doing a little bit of research before we got on this call to see cost. But it seems like going to a spa can be anywhere from 100 to 400 dollars and they typically, like you said, run into a full deal. Is this a more cost effective way to approach? Then I’d like to talk a little bit about what the benefits are.


Katie:  Well, it certainly is. I know with our body wraps, you’re going to spend about 25 dollars if you do a single application, but we really recommend that you’re going to do 4 wraps, because that is considered a full treatment. To get a full box, you’re going to spend 99 dollars. Otherwise, we do have a loyal customer program where you can get them at a discount for 59 dollars, which is what I would recommend. You’re going to be using them anyway. You might as well get the good deal on it.


But kind of to piggyback on the question that you had before, with the chemicals and everything. Another thing that we have with our body wraps is that it is not a water weight loss product. A lot of times, in these spas and salons, you’re going to be wrapped up. They’re going to wrap you up like a mummy and sweat you to death. You feel like you’ve lost some inches but really you’ve just lost water weight.


With our product we’re really encouraging our clients that you want to drink lots and lots of water so that you cleanse your system. That’s where you’re going to see the results.


Matthew:  Interesting. It sounds like it’s just like going to a gym and working out. You’ve got to hydrate your body to get the full benefits of what you bring into it.


Katie:  Certainly.


Matthew:  Let’s say I did one or four of these like you recommend, what type of results can you typically expect? I’ve seen some pictures on your website. The before and after pictures, are just unbelievable, almost unbelievable. I had to look through those. I can’t believe people that look so different. It’s just one of those things where you’re like, “Wow, this is really too good to be true.”


Katie:  Everybody’s body is different, but in my own experience I’ve seen that it works on both men and women. The more that you use it and the more that you’re drinking the water, the better the results are going to get. It really depends on how aggressive you want to be with that area, and your body type. Most people are seeing the results, even after the first wrap. It’s toning, firming, and tightening the skin. Really, you’ll be very impressed once you try it out.


Matthew:  I like that. Typically, how long is each session? If I’m on the go, I really don’t have time to just hang out and wait for this. Can I just be active while this is on my body? Do I need to be sitting and doing nothing?


Katie:  I’d say you can have some moderate activity. I’ve had a lot of fun with this wrap. The thing with it is that, since it’s an at home business, you don’t necessarily need a mudroom like you would need at a spa. I’ve wrapped people at the mall. I’ll say, “Hey, let’s meet up at a location where we both can get some extra things done.” So we meet up at the mall. I wrap them in the restroom, and then they go on, and they do shopping for 45 minutes and come back.


Matthew:  That’s pretty great.


Katie:  Yeah, so you put the wrap on, and then all you’re going to do is put your clothes right over the top if it and no one will even know that you have it on.


Matthew:  It sounds like there’s no mess, or any residue, or anything. You just wrap it on your body. When the application’s done with…I think you mentioned it’s about a 45‑minute treatment?


Katie:  Yes, and I have people that are concerned that if they put it on, they’ll ask, “Is it going to stain my clothes? Is it going to do anything there?” No, absolutely not. If you do get it on your clothes you won’t even see any discoloration. But I would always recommend to wash your clothes after you have it on.


Matthew:  I’ve got you. And probably you need to wash just like you’re done working out, or is there no issue with once it’s gone and whatever is on your body?


Katie:  After you’ve taken off the wrap you’re really going to want to rub it in very good. Some people, depending on how closed or open your pores are you may see that it will start to turn white. You’re going to just keep rubbing and rubbing it in until it’s fully absorbed and you can’t see it anymore. That one application cannot be used again, so you’ll just discard that. That’s as simple as it is.


Matthew:  Let’s say I want to treat the same area again, how long do I need to wait before I can try it again?


Katie:  Like I was saying, our wrap is immediate and progressive results. A lot of people are seeing results in 45 minutes, but it will continue to cleanse your system for the next three days. Just keep drinking that water and you’re going to see the results for three days. Do not put another wrap on within that amount of time because you’re basically wasting your money. You want to wait the three days before you put it on so that you’re compounding your effort, and you’re making the whole entire wraps last that much longer.


Matthew:  I’ve got you. I know there’s some limitations on what you can say as far as the benefits but, on average, can you see results for this over a period of a week, a month, a couple of months? What typically have you experienced on the average? We’re not going to hold you to anything.


Katie:  On average what I’ve seen is that if you were to not change your diet, or your exercise, and simply just add this to you regiment, you’re going to see the results stay off for at least two to six months.


Matthew:  That’s amazing. What if I’m someone who likes to work out and I’m all of a sudden…Have you experienced people who are like, “OK, I did this wrap. Now I’m going to start living a healthy life. I’m going to start eating and working out.” If I did that, is this something that’s more sustainable where this could have a long‑term or almost permanent effect?


Katie:  Well, I never want to discount people that are working out and eating right. Those are very important components of a healthy lifestyle. What the body wrap does is it gives people a chance to jump‑start their health. I would absolutely recommend it for somebody who is just really frustrated in his situation and, “I want to see some results. I want to see them now.” Just start using the wrap. If you are wanting to see results last even longer then absolutely add a work‑out and change your diet and you’ll see the results too.


Matthew:  I know a lot of people like to do, you said jump‑start a diet and everyone wants that jump‑start. They’re going, “Oh well, I’m going to do the HGH. I’m going to do these injections. I’m going to starve my body.” I always see them yo‑yo back, two months, three months. They’re like, “OK. It worked for a week or two but…” Are you familiar with that diet and have any of your customers said, “I tried this. Wow, the body wrap is really something that gives me that jump‑start that I need,” over some of those fad diets and more trickery?


Katie:  Right. That’s a good question. I don’t think you ever want to be injecting hormones into your body. It literally sends your body into an imbalance. Really that’s where a lot of people are seeing cancer and diseases and stuff result from that. Really, you want to put something as natural as possible into your body. For me, doing the body wraps is really going to help hydrate you skin. You’re getting the best nutrition possible on the outside so that your body can start correcting where it’s been going wrong. This is super easy. I’d just watch a TV show, slap a wrap on and in 45 minutes I’m slimmer. It’s really amazing. It’s a lot easier than going to some expensive store or spa and getting injections, something that’s painful.  With this, you just put on and you sit back and relax. Before you know it, you’re where you want to be.


Matthew:  This sounds great. I’m really interested in learning more about it. If other people are looking at considering this, where would you recommend they go? I know you have a website. What’s the best way to get in touch with you?


Katie:  Sure. You can go to my website. It’s Just click on the order tab there. Or, you can always email me, Or, I have my phone number at 888‑700‑6033.


Matthew:  Excellent. Katie, this was very enlightening. I really think you shed some light on some of the differences between an at‑home wrap which seems to be so much more convenient. People are probably a little self‑conscious sometimes when it comes to their body. It seems like this is a safe and private way to do it versus going to a spa and disclosing maybe more than you want to.


Katie:  Perfect. One thing I forgot to mention is that these wraps are fully customizable. There are four in a box. You can place them anywhere you want to from the neckline down. I’ve had people that will take a single wrap and they’ll cut it into several different pieces and just save the rest in a Ziploc bag. That right there gives them eight applications to put on their chin and neck area. Other people put it underneath their arms and on their thighs. Really, there’s no wrong way to put the wrap on and no wrong place to put it.


Matthew:  That’s great. It sounds foolproof. I’m one of those people that don’t like to follow directions. It sounds like whether you’re astute or not you really can’t screw this up.


Katie:  You can’t.


Matthew:  Good deal. Thank you so much for your time. This was a great interview. I’ll look for more of these opportunities. We will be doing more videos with Katie. You can catch her at or you can check her out on Google+ or on her YouTube channel. We look forward to the next session Katie.


Katie:  Thanks so much.


Matthew:  Bye‑bye.

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