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It Pays to be Loyal!

it pays to be loyal

Open up your wallet and have a look inside. No, this isn’t about how much money you’ve got. I want to know how many cards you see – specifically, how many preferred customer cards you have in there.  If you’re

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Wrap on the Go!

what wraps can do for you

Who doesn’t love a spa day?  It feels great to be pampered, to relax and unwind.  But sometimes we want results without taking time out of our busy schedules. Many people have asked me if you can be active while

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Get Better-Than-Spa Quality Results with It Works! Body Wraps


Why are so many people paying top dollar for spa body wraps when they can do it themselves from home?  There is a buzz on the street about “that crazy wrap thing” with a company called It Works Global.  This

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Ways to Earn with It Works!

it works wrap parties

Wondering how an It Works! Independent Distributor earns?   Gathering customers is a cinch when you blitz the town or have wrap parties. You not only earn residual income on your customers’ purchases, but every time you share a wrap with someone,

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Steps for It Works! Success in Your First Month

Success First Month It Works

When you’re first getting started with It Works!, you’re undoubtedly very excited about our amazing products – otherwise you would not have joined, right? Maybe you saw unbelievable results at a Wrap Party, or you got turned onto Greens, or

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Who is The Wrap Coach?


My name is Katie Dykstra (a.k.a. the Wrap Coach) and I’m a Presidential Diamond Leader with It Works! Global. The first time I heard about this at-home business in 2009, I was not quite sure about this whole wrap thing.

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Make Money from HOME!

So much can change by just saying YES………   One night I decided I was sick of hearing my friend talk about how much money she made selling that Crazy Wrap Thing……… I decided it was time for me to

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Natural Supplement for Menopausal Relief

I have run into so many women who are currently using a drug prescribed by their doctor to help with their menopausal symptoms.  Most say it’s working out “alright”….but they are concerned because these products have been linked to breast

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How to get a FREE It Works! Body Wrap

free it works body wrap

Want to try an It Works body wrap without actually purchasing one??? Watch this video to find out how you can get yours for FREE! Then email me at!

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