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Wrap on the Go!

what wraps can do for you

Who doesn’t love a spa day?  It feels great to be pampered, to relax and unwind.  But sometimes we want results without taking time out of our busy schedules. Many people have asked me if you can be active while

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Get Better-Than-Spa Quality Results with It Works! Body Wraps


Why are so many people paying top dollar for spa body wraps when they can do it themselves from home?  There is a buzz on the street about “that crazy wrap thing” with a company called It Works Global.  This

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The Wrap Coach Discusses At Home Body Wraps vs. Spa Body Wraps

Katie Dykstra, The Wrap Coach, is an expert with all things body wrap.  The It Works! body wraps work in 45 minutes, use naturally-based botanical ingredients, and are less expensive than going to the spa.  In this video she talks

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Get Beach Ready in No Time Flat!

get beach ready

With summer in full swing, you might be feeling (and seeing) the effects of those holiday picnics and family reunion barbecues.  Never fear!  It Works offers an easy way to get back on track, and to see quick results.  Have

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