Reach Your Goals by Following These 5 Simple Steps

Enjoying my stage time with other It Works Global leaders.

Enjoying my stage time with other It Works Global leaders.

Why is it that some people seem to hit their goals with ease while others struggle to even begin? If you’re anything like me, I start the New Year out with several things on my list, only to highlight them again next year. “I need to drink more water, get to bed on time, read more books,” and the list goes on and on. So what can we do different… can we get out of our rut and start accomplishing the things we initially set out to do?

I have found these 5 simple steps to bring me closer to my goals. Much of which I am about to share are secrets I have learned from building my It Works business. However, you can apply these concepts to any goals you have in mind, not just business goals.


Keep in mind that your goal is not going anywhere. YOU are the only variable in this equation. The real question is, “Will you stick it out to see your dreams become a reality?” As with anything, you need to make it a HABIT before you can become a HERO! So ask yourself: what can I do each day…..consistently….without or without fail….that will push me in the right direction? Then, be persistent! Obstacles can either make you stronger as you move around them, or they can completely shut you down. These are the only two options. So what’s your choice? Decide for yourself if you a bulldog, or a possum….no one else can make that decision for you.


While I’m a supporter of long-term dreams and visions, I think the most important goals are the ones you set for yourself on a daily or weekly basis. Anyone can come up with a goal for 5 years from now, but it takes a person of ACTION to accomplish things throughout the day. As your goals move from the future to the present, you will find yourself saying “I’m willing” more than you say “I want to”. Goals are larger in the future, but bite-sized in the present. (i.e. 3 month goal: I want to fit into that little black dress. 1 month goal: I want to lose 10 lbs. 1 week goal: I am willing to do 25 squats each day this week.) This brings me back to the age-old joke, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” I think a major downfall to many people not achieving the success they want is that (oddly enough) they are not willing to do the small things that lead to greatness.

Crazy Wrap Girls have fun everywhere we go!

Crazy Wrap Girls have fun everywhere we go!


Stop it with the long face! Yes, the process of getting to your final destination may be a little painful, or discouraging along the way…..but goll darn it, put a smile on your face! Embrace the mud puddles with galoshes and umbrellas! Don’t be a baby and pout from the other side of the window. Equip yourself!! And get out there with a GOOD attitude knowing that even if you don’t have what it takes NOW….that you are going after it! I truly believe attitude is one of the major players in achieving success. My husband always reminds me, “Attitude is a choice.” We all have reasons to complain, but it gets us nowhere but DOWN! Proactive people simply do not have time to whine. We all dream about how wonderful it will be to arrive at our final destination, but if you can’t enjoy (or at least appreciate) the journey that it takes to get you there, then maybe it’s not as important to you as you think. When you concentrate on the end goal, you will be able to endure most things along the way….and if not, make an effort to do it anyway!

My first CRAZY goal as a Presidential Diamond with It Works Global.

My first CRAZY goal as a Presidential Diamond with It Works Global.


About a year ago, the CEO of It Works Global (Mark Pentecost) asked us to write down a dreams on a sticker and put it on a board….it was his way of helping us to “draw a line in the sand” with our goals. At the time, my husband and I were in debt $10,000 to a family member and I remember nudging him and saying, “Man, wouldn’t it be so cool to pay that off?” I also remember thinking, “This is such a joke — there’s no way we’re gonna be able to do something that huge.” So…..I didn’t do it. I chalked it up as a big pie-in-the-sky moment that would never happen — and I went about my day.

Then, fast forward a year. I’m back at another It Works conference, and Mark provides us the opportunity again to write down our dreams on a sticker and slap it on a sign that spells out the word FREEDOM. In a moment’s time, I reflect on what had happened the year prior. And I realize….that my pie-in-the-sky idea actually came true! We are just 2 months away from paying off our entire debt! WOW! So much can happen in a year. And then I begin to wonder…if my goals became a reality even when I didn’t believe they could happen, how much MORE would it fall in place if I had heart behind it!

Soon afterward, I quickly grabbed a squeaky, black magic marker and headed straight over to the sign. With my hands shaking and my confidence rising, I started writing a goal that I knew would be out of this world. I decided right then in there, that I would be mortgage free in 2014…..and….with purpose, determination, hope and glee, I slapped it on the wall. This will be a great year, I declare. No matter if I accomplish it or not, I’m on my way!

Walking through the FREEDOM wall and visualizing dreams!

Walking through the FREEDOM wall and visualizing dreams!


Finally, a key component to achieving your goals is to visualize yourself doing it. Think about how happy you will be in that moment. OWN IT!!! Speak to yourself as if it is already done! I remember about 4 years ago, I was fairly new to It Works. I recall seeing a few people on the stage getting recognized and wondering how in the world they did it. I went through battles of doubt, thinking it would never happen to me. But one night, things changed. I went to bed thinking about how CLOSE I was to my goals instead of how far AWAY I was. I started getting excited….in fact, I was even a little gitty! I remember waking Shawn up and saying, “Honey, honey! I’m gonna be on stage! I’m gonna inspire some people….it’s really gonna happen!”

And it did! A few months later, I was recognized at the St.Louis bootcamp (one of our trainings for It Works) and was given the opportunity to grace the stage. I remember being so absorbed in the moment, but also terrified at what my “brilliant words of wisdom” would be. It was then that I turned to God and said, “Lord, just let me be your mouthpiece. What do you want me to say to these people? You’ve got this.” What he lead me to say was that, “You don’t have to have a stage to have a story.” I think too many times people think you have to be or do something HUGE to make a difference or to be noticed. That’s far from truth. God created us all to work together…we each play our part….some big, some small…..but in the end, it’s a masterpiece when we do it for the love of God and others. So I say all that to say, DREAM BIG and visualize yourself doing it….but leave enough room for God to get the Glory, and mighty things will come of it.

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