It’s Simple

wrap partyHaving an It Works party is the simplest home party you could possibly host. All you need to provide is a private room for people to get individually wrapped – like a bathroom or a bedroom – and water for your friends to drink (this will ensure them the best wrap results). If you want, you can also set out some watery foods like watermelon, grapes, apples, or celery. Keep in mind, many of your guests will be anxious to see what That Crazy Wrap Thing will do, so eating is not a top priority. Other accommodations that will ensure a successful party include having some fun music playing quietly in the background and encouraging a few friends to come early so that we can get the wrapping underway.

It’s Fun

Wrap Parties are unlike anything you have ever experienced. There is nothing more exciting than getting a group of friends together and having them see results before leaving the party. Make the night even more enjoyable and invite them to do a facial or a neck wrap. Keep in mind that the wraps can be placed anywhere you want to tone, firm and tighten.
itworks wrap party pictures

It’s Private

Each person will be offered the opportunity to get wrapped for just $25. You will be brought into a private area with a Wrap Girl and it takes only about 3 minutes to apply 1 wrap. There is no need to fully disrobe. All you need to do is expose the area you want wrapped. While in the “wrap room” you’ll have the chance to ask general questions, but the majority of the presentation will be covered in a group setting. After the wrap has been applied, you will simply cover the area back up with your clothes and no one will even know you have it on!

It’s Quick


The presentation itself takes 45 minutes….which is convenient since that’s how long it takes for the wrap to process. During the 45 minutes, you’ll be entertained with a variety of other It Works! product samples that you can taste, touch and smell. Although we have over 20 naturally-based products to meet all your health needs, we will only highlight a few of our most popular products. At the end of our presentation, we will bring each person individually back to the wrap room to see their initial results. Final results take place 72 hours later since the wrap is STILL working even after it is taken off! (amazing, huh?)

It’s Rewarding

As my party hostess, you’ll be offered a few rewards! Each It Works! distributor is able to come up with their own hostess benefits and I consider myself to be somewhat creative in this area…so I will personally provide you with several ways to get free wraps and additional product. For every friend who comes to your party whom you personally invite, I’ll give you $5 off your wrap. (5 friends = free wrap!) Shoot — I’ll even extend that offer to your friends as well — the more the merrier! You can also earn special packages when your friends sign up as loyal customers! Furthermore, if any of your friends decide to host a party for me, I’ll have a gift just for you! All in all, I’ll make sure your party is simple, fun, private, quick….and most of all rewarding!

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