Get Better-Than-Spa Quality Results with It Works! Body Wraps

Why are so many people paying top dollar for spa body wraps when they can do it themselves from home?  There is a buzz on the street about “that crazy wrap thing” with a company called It Works Global.  This is a naturally-based body contouring wrap, also known as the Ultimate Body Applicator, which firms up any trouble spot you may have, while costing you only a fraction of the price!  Please allow me to highlight several benefits of using the It Works Wrap.


1) It’s safe 

The It Works! Wrap is a non-woven cloth wrap infused with a botanically-based formula to tighten, tone, and firm where applied to the skin.  The plant-based ingredients – like rosemary, green tea, ivy, and menthol – are safe and chemical free.  Not only will the It Works! Body Applicators give you amazing results, they also offer healthy nutrition for your skin, while hydrating and firming for days afterward.


2) It’s quick.

With spa wraps, your entire body will typically be wrapped up in seaweed or hot towels until you look like a mummy – and you’ll sweat – a lot. Afterward, you’ll feel like you’ve lost some inches, when in reality, you’ve just lost water weight.


In contrast, the It Works! Body Applicator minimizes cellulite while tightening, toning, and firming the skin.  Users see results in as little as 45 minutes, with progressive results over 72 hours.  Feel free to wrap every 3 days until you achieve your desired goals.  Most people order 2 boxes of wraps (8 wraps) to go through a full month of cleansing in order to see dramatic results.


3) It’s easy to use.

In a spa, you’ll need a specialist to mix their solution and slather you in goop.  This normally takes place in their “mud room” where you will fully disrobe and expose all your embarrassing areas to a complete stranger.  You’ll be confined to the spa and will spend the next hour or two in your silly get-up reading last month’s People Magazine.


With It Works!, your wrap will come pre-treated.  There is no mess or guess as to how much you need to apply.  Simply cut open the bag, unfold the wrap and place it gel-side-down to the area you would like to treat.  There is no need to disrobe, just expose the area you want to target and place the wrap there.  Then cover yourself back up and go about your day!  As long as you are not doing any heavy exercising while you have the wrap on (which causes you to sweat and limits the pores from receiving the ingredients), then you should be okay to go about your business!  All it takes is 45 minutes and you’ll be all set!  And you can even multi-task while you’re at it!  No need to confine yourself to one room like at the spa!


4) It’s NOT water weight loss.

Many people have come to me saying that they have “been there, done that” with the whole wrap thing and it didn’t really last.  Here’s my question: Was it a water weight loss wrap or did it actually cleanse your system?  The It Works Wrap is entirely different; it not going to suck out the water from your body and make you appear thinner.  It is actually going to cleanse your system and help you naturally flush out the impurities.  In fact, to PROVE that it is not a water weight loss product, but rather a cleansing product…..I encourage my clients to drink half their body weight in ounces of water for 72 hours after wrapping.  When this is done properly, the best results will be realized.


5) It’s affordable.

I’ve done some research and found that you will spend at least a hundred bucks on average to get a spa body wrap.  But with the It Works! Wrap, you’ll get a box of FOUR wraps for $99.  Four wraps is considered a FULL treatment… although it is similar in pricing to a salon, in comes with a lot more convenience.  But how would you like $40 off?  You can receive this discount by becoming a Loyal Customer.  Loyal Customers simply agree to purchase at least one product per month for a minimum of three months.  There is no joining fee or minimum monthly dollar requirement.  Once you sign up, you’ll begin receiving everything for 20-45% off!  Plus you’ll get added benefits along the way like free shipping and money back.


Would you like to try out the wrap and see what it can do for you?  Please visit to give it a whirl!  Want to be a Wrap Girl and start offering this in your area?  Go to to begin working from home!


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