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Nurse-Approved Natural Energy Drink

Have you ever started your day doing a little math to figure out how much sleep you did (or rather, didn’t) get from the night before? We’ve all been there at one point or another….and there can be a variety of reasons

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Natural Supplement for Menopausal Relief

I have run into so many women who are currently using a drug prescribed by their doctor to help with their menopausal symptoms.  Most say it’s working out “alright”….but they are concerned because these products have been linked to breast

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Get Better Sleep Tonight

Get better sleep tonight

    Do you know how much sleep you need? The National Sleep Foundation has determined these ranges: Adults 7-9 hours; Teens 8-9.25 hours, School children 10-11 hours; Toddlers 12-14 hours.   If you are not getting enough DEEP sleep….consider

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Natural Alternatives for People Suffering with Migraines

Do you suffer from migraines regularly? What if the answer to your problem was as simple as drinking more water? This is a great place to start since the brain consists of 90% water. Although there can be multiple causes

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It Works! Fat Fighter Demo

See It Works! Fat Fighter in action, in real-time.

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It Works! Greens

My family LOVES the It Works! Greens….as a wife and mom of 2 little ones, I can easily get my family to have all their fruits and veggies with two simple, tiny scoops of the It Works Greens!

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