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Who is The Wrap Coach?


My name is Katie Dykstra (a.k.a. the Wrap Coach) and I’m a Presidential Diamond Leader with It Works! Global. The first time I heard about this at-home business in 2009, I was not quite sure about this whole wrap thing.

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Make Money from HOME!

So much can change by just saying YES………   One night I decided I was sick of hearing my friend talk about how much money she made selling that Crazy Wrap Thing……… I decided it was time for me to

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Yes, I would bathe in it!

bath in chocolate

Well, this is no surprise to those who know me, but I love dark chocolate.  Some say I have a sweet tooth…….but the truth is, I have a problem.  Yes, I am addicted to this beautiful, deep, smooth flavor.  Honestly,

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What does it mean to Re-Dream?


I’ve been a Wrap Girl for It Works Global since 2009 (  When I first started in the biz, I remember people talking about their dream boards — that’s what they call these crazy posters that you put on your

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Get Better Sleep Tonight

Get better sleep tonight

    Do you know how much sleep you need? The National Sleep Foundation has determined these ranges: Adults 7-9 hours; Teens 8-9.25 hours, School children 10-11 hours; Toddlers 12-14 hours.   If you are not getting enough DEEP sleep….consider

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My It Works Story

  Are you curious how I am making money from home with this CrAzy WrAp ThInG?  Listen to this short, pre-recorded call where I explain my journey.  My only previous experience with sales was being a terrified youngster who dreaded

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Locate It Works! Distributor

Looking for an It Works Distributor near you? We have a great tool to do just that. Join the growing number of It Works! distributors located throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia. If you would prefer to work with someone

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It Works Body Wraps — Everything You Need To Know

Find out everything you need to know about the It Works Body Wraps….how to put it on, what it’s doing & what it’s made out of…..then go to to order yours today!

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Loyal Customer Benefits with It Works!

Want to save 20-50% off your favorite It Works products? Become a Loyal Customer, start saving $$$ and get added benefits along the way!! Best of all, there’s no joining fee!!

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It Works! G.O.O.D. Bonus

When was the last time you earned a $10,000 bonus in 3 months? Find out how It Works! is making people debt free by providing this amazing incentive for new distributors.

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