Best Business for Stay at Home Moms or Part Timers

Katie Dykstra, The Wrap Coach discusses the best business for stay at home moms and part-timers.  From getting started, ramping up and exceeding goals, Katie has the perfect tips for the It Works! product line.  Learn more in the following video.


Matthew:  OK. Well, we’re here with another session with Katie Dykstra, The Wrap Coach. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the opportunities that exist for stay‑at‑home moms and those looking for part‑time employment. Katie, what do you think is the opportunity right now for stay‑at‑home moms that are looking to do something outside of just being a mother?


Katie:  Well, I think that the ultimate goal for every mom is to spend more time with their kids. With a business like this, you really get to set your own hours and really work around the schedule that you can prioritize for yourself. What is important for you, to be at those kids’ events, to be at the soccer games, to take your kids to gymnastics or be there for them in those special moments. I think doing an at‑home business definitely is a great opportunity for you to really maximize your time.


Matthew:  I know one of the biggest things that stay‑at‑home moms or even anybody that’s looking to do a home‑based business has concerns with is, typically a lot of time to get started, it’s hard if you don’t have a big network and sometimes it’s expensive for that.


If someone’s kind of shy and not really outgoing and not 100 percent sure they have what it takes to build, to get started in business. What makes what you’re doing a little bit different than maybe some of the other things that they may be experiencing?


Katie:  Well, I actually love this question, because I had those same concerns when I first started. One of the reasons I married my husband is because he’s such an extrovert. I like to process things, I really get recharged when I’m to myself and I’m reading or doing things like that.


To do an at‑home business where a lot of it is sales driven was very threatening for me. I was not very comfortable with that at the beginning. But what I came to realize is that you definitely need to have a product that you can wholeheartedly come behind and that has proven itself. I think you definitely find that with It Works product line.


Also, in this day and age, it’s more than who you know, but it’s what you know. Really, it’s do you know the Internet? Your circle of people can really expand overnight just by being familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


There’s a lot of ways that you can go outside of even your local circle and really gain a huge, at‑home business base of distributors, such as I did.


Matthew:  I love that. You’re saying that if there are Facebook or social media enthusiasts that just like to do it to keep up with their friends or update with their family, those are great prospects for someone that could get started with the It Works product line and try doing an at‑home business on their own.


Katie:  Absolutely, Matt. A lot of times people are on Facebook anyway. I call it the social black circle because you’re on there for, it can be hours, and why not get paid while you’re doing it? I think definitely, if you are used to being on Facebook as it is, this could be a great outlet for you to make a little extra income from home.


Matthew:  Speaking of Facebook, Katie, you have started with what people aren’t able to see, which is a private Facebook group. You have a lot of successful people that are working under you and that you helped get started in the business. What does that private Facebook group have to offer as those that may be still a little concerned about getting started with the home‑based business?


Katie:  I think a private Facebook group, one of the main purposes is we really want people to feel like they’re connected with a community. You never want to be in a business like this where you feel like you have no help. In this thing, we really created a great network of people.


We’re not in it for ourselves. If something is working for us, then we want to share it. Also, we want to get excited when we have a good party or when we have a fantastic one on one. We want to share that excitement. We also hope that other people will share in it with us.


That’s really why I started creating that Facebook group, just to give people another place to get some training, but then also to share their enthusiasm for the business.


Matthew:  That’s very cool. Let’s say I’m almost ready to get started, or maybe I’m ready to stick my big toe in and consider trying a home‑based business, or doing a little bit of part‑time work. What is the easiest way to get started? Would it be ordering product to test it out and see if it works for them and then roll out from there or is it trying to recruit friends? What do you recommend as the quick step guide to really get over the concerns or the fears and really experience how this can benefit them?


Katie:  For me, everybody’s in a different spot so I never want to have a certain rule that works across the board. I really want to feel people out to see what their particular situation is. If they are not quite sure about the product, that they want to see what it’s all about before they start selling it, then I would recommend that they become a loyal customer. They start getting all the products at a discount and then they can choose to upgrade at that point.


If they don’t upgrade, well, then they just tried some great products and they benefits along the way. They get free shipping after three months and product…It’s called proof points. It’s money back that they can apply for credit.


There are a lot of great benefits if they go that way and then they can just decide from there. That’s a really good way to start, I think, because then…You never want to buy the kit and then start using the wraps on yourself. You want to buy the kit and start selling them right away because we do have benefits and bonuses within the first 30 days of joining that you would miss out on if you were focused on getting your own results.


You want to keep that in mind but if you’ve already tried the product or if you’ve heard enough and you know that it’s going to work then I would say go full force and buy the 99 kit and…As well, we have some booster packs that are going to give you even more product. It’s a great way to get enough for five to seven parties at a discount.


You’re going to be buying the product anyway so you might as well get it at the best price possible. That’s really good for people who are salon owners or chiropractors. They really want to have a huge inventory so that they are not ever out of product.


But let’s say that you’re an at‑home mom and you’re a single mom and you have a limited budget and you really know that this could help but you just don’t want to put that much into it because you don’t have a whole lot.


For those people, I think buy the distributor kit after you’ve checked with some of your friends. Consult with them and see would they be interested in something like this. If they are, then I’d say if you want to be first in line to get the wrap when it comes in my distributor kit then just pay me $25 in advance and I’ll be sure that you’re the first one. If you get four friends that will do that and 4 * 25, that’s $100. That will pay for your kit.


Matthew:  That’s great. Then there’s probably the other side of it where there’s a lot of people that are very social, that have parties and stuff. I know that you’ve done some wrap parties where people, girls get together and try out the product or discuss it. Can you tell a little more about that?


Katie:  What makes this product very interesting is that when you have these wrap parties…I’ve been to plenty other at‑home businesses where you go have a party and I just feel so bad for the distributor because they’re selling lotions and they’re selling all these things and they’re not making a dime that night. You almost buy stuff just because you feel bad for them.


But with the It Works products, people can wrap the night of the party so they’re buying the wrap as soon as they come in the door. They’re trying it on. They’re getting results that night. You, as the distributor, are walking home with what we call wrap cash.


We have commission checks that are paid out that are 15 percent of whatever the people order but when you have product on hand and you’re selling it, you make the complete difference between the retail and the wholesale price.


I’ve come out of parties with $100, $200 and I’ve spent maybe a couple hours there. It’s a really good investment, especially if you’re taking away time from your family and you want to make it worth it. You’ll have the money that night.


Matthew:  That makes sense. You mentioned earlier about chiropractors and some professionals in the industry. Can you tell a little bit more about some of the other business professionals that have businesses that are using It Works for supplementing some of the other services they offer?


Katie:  Well, I love speaking about the salon owners just because I think it’s a really great way for them to boost their sales and they do it quickly. They already have people sitting in their chairs that are getting their hair done or doing a facial or getting their nails done, whatever it may be. So they’ve got a captive audience, and they’re just sitting there.


So you might as well get double for your money, put a wrap on, and they can be doing their hair at the same time. So another thing, I really love speaking with salon owners because they don’t have a mud room that’s required. It’s not like they have to have a special room for this. The application comes pre-treated, so there’s no mess or no guess as to how you apply it or how much you put on.


Then also it’s little to no shelf space. So I know that the shelf space is very coveted for those salon owners, that they’ve already got plenty of product out there and they don’t need another thing to clog up space. But with our customer program, the products get shipped right to the customer’s house. So they will never even see it in their salon. I think those are great key points that salon owners are very interested in.


Matthew:  Very cool. Then the big question is, so what is the upside potential? Can you give me some ranges on average of someone who gets started, that they can look forward to making in the first month or three months or long term? Let’s say I stick with it for the first year, and I really get excited. What do you see some of the people that you got started in the business? What are some averages that they’re making?


Katie:  Well, it really depends on what level you are in the company that we pay out on different levels deep. So let’s say you a have a distributor, and then they have a distributor and they have a distributer. It pays out on different levels deep. We are a network marketing company, so it does work that way. But I would say the first level that most people are looking forward to is what is called our Ruby level.


That is two levels into the company. You start out as a distributor. Then you go to Executive and Ruby. What makes Ruby so significant is that there were some statistics done that were saying that ‑‑ I think it was in 2010 ‑‑ the average person that filed for bankruptcy was about $300 to $500 away each month. That if they had that, they could have saved themselves from going into foreclosure or bankruptcy.


That amount of money is very significant for a lot of Americans, so that’s what I oftentimes tell distributors to shoot for that income level because that’s going to make a huge difference for them and their family. So as a Ruby, they have about five people that are on their team. Three of them are personally sponsored, and then two of them could be sponsored by somebody out of those three. So it’s very obtainable.


In fact, if you can get to that level within the first two months of joining us, you are guaranteed $500 from the company. If you do not make the $500, they will pay you the difference. So what you do is you bring in three people, and those three people need to run an $80 auto ship, which means they have about $80 of product that they’re either using or selling.


Then they also have to bring in four loyal customers within their first 30 days. So if you can bring in three people that can do those two simple steps, they will guarantee you $500.


Matthew:  Wow. That seems pretty simple. So just getting started, three to five people in the first couple months. If you get in the first month, it sounds like there are some bonuses. What is the long term? Let’s say I stick with it a year or a couple years and decide to make a career out of this either full time or part time? What are you seeing some of the really successful people making in the It Works organization?


Katie:  Well, on the upper levels of It Works, we have Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, Presidential and Ambassador. So there are quite a few different layers within the company. But at the top level, what they say the average income is 30,000 a month, and that’s just average.


I’ve met plenty of people where it is a lot higher and others where it is a little bit lower. So on average, they’re making 30,000 a month at the highest level in the company at this point.

:  Well, that’s some significant monthly income there. That would get probably husbands paying attention or thinking about getting involved. I’m sure you have some advice or a parting thought as far as people that are watching and saying, “I’m still not 100 percent sure.” Is there really any risk involved? What’s the risk?


Probably a bigger risk is not getting started. But what type of risk is involved? For those sitting on the fence, how do we get them thinking about taking the next step?


Katie:  That’s a hard question to answer. I really don’t know that there’s a risk. I think just thinking about the kit being $99, and you get four wraps in it. As soon as you sell those four wraps, you get back the 99 bucks. I don’t see any financial risk. I don’t see any risk with whether or not it works. I’ve been doing this over four years, and I’ve seen results all the time. You should have no hesitations with doing It Works.


Matthew:  Well, that sounds great. Katie, if people would like to reach out and get in touch with you, what are the best ways to do that?


Katie:  Well, I go by the handle “thewrapcoach”, so you can find me on YouTube or Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. I’m on all of those. Otherwise you can call me at 888‑700‑6033, and my email address is


Matthew:  And your website is


Katie:  You got it.


Matthew:  All right. Well, Katie, thank you so much for a very interesting insightful snapshot into the It Works organization. I know that since you started with this, you have just fell in love with it. You’ve just been so successful and you’re passionate about it that it doesn’t seem that it would be too far of a stretch for anyone else to follow in your footsteps.


Katie:  No, really, there are a lot of incentives going on in the business, and I’ve seen plenty of people that have started out at ground zero, and this has really changed their family.


Matthew:  That’s excellent. Well, thank you so much for your time and information, and we’ll look forward to catching you in an upcoming episode.


Katie:  Thanks so much, Matt.


Matthew:  Thank you. Bye‑bye.

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